Cleaning, Polishing and Plating

Jewellery Cleaning, Polishing & Plating in Nowra

Professional Care for Your Jewellery

Wearing your jewellery frequently exposes it to dust, dirt, oils and other pollutants, which can cause it to become dull. To keep your jewellery shiny, the best practice is to have it cleaned and polished regularly. The Nowra Jeweller has experienced staff who will gently clean and polish your jewellery so it comes up looking as good as new. We also provide free cleaning services for the life of selected items purchased at The Nowra Jeweller.

Rhodium Plating

If the finish on your white gold jewellery is starting to fade, it’s likely in need of rhodium plating. We recommend bringing your jewellery to The Nowra Jeweller for a full assessment, clean, polish and plating. Our whole process will have your treasured pieces restored to their former glory.

Contact us for more information about our cleaning, polishing or rhodium plating services.

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