The Nowra Jeweller has been a family run business since 1987 and has continued for the last two generations. In this time, we have succeeded in providing ..... Read More

Bridal Jewellery Collection At The Nowra Jeweller

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Cleaning and Polishing

Cleaning and Polishing

Wearing your jewellery frequently can cause some pieces to become dull as a result of being exposed to dust, dirt, oils and other such particles. The best practice to keep your jewellery shiny, is by getting it cleaned and polished at regular interva...Read More

Repairs and Resizing

Repairs and Resizing

Do you have jewellery lying in your jewellery box because it’s broken or isn’t of the right size? Get it to The Nowra Jeweller! Our experts will repair or resize it using the best quality products and equipment to make sure it looks flawless again. B...Read More

Replicating and Remodelling

Replicating and Remodelling

Did you happen to see a jewellery design somewhere and fell in love with it? Can’t find the same design anywhere else? We can help! Show the design to the expert jewellery designers and manufacturers at our store. They will replicate it exactly to ma...Read More

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