Remodelling, restoring and replicating

Jewellery Restoration & Remodelling in Nowra

Transform an old piece into something beautiful

Whether it be a worn-out family heirloom or an outdated design that doesn’t suit you, we can replicate or transform old jewellery into new and beautiful pieces that will be treasured again for generations to come.
Our design team will discuss all aspects of the design to recreate the piece as it originally was or put a new modern twist to suit contemporary trends and your unique style.

Jewellery Replicating & Remodelling

Did you see a piece of jewellery somewhere and fall in love with it? Can’t find the same design anywhere else? We can help! Show the design to the expert jewellery designers and manufacturers at The Nowra Jeweller, and we can replicate it and make your dream jewellery come to life. The Nowra Jeweller can also remodel your old jewellery to something new, something you’d love to wear every day.

Jewellery Restoration

Is your heirloom jewellery or other old jewellery worn out or not in a wearable condition? The jewellers at The Nowra Jeweller can perform a state-of-the-art jewellery restoration service to make your jewellery look just like it did before. Want to wear it again? Get it fixed by us!

Book an appointment online or contact us for more information about our jewellery restoration, replication and remodelling services in Nowra.

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